Building a Brand – Business Identity

The importance of a professional logo design for a business is often over looked. If you are planning to build a strong business identity or brand then you will need a solid foundation to build from.

A logo is this very foundation for a business identity / brand. If you want to portray a professional identity through your marketing material such as letterheads, business cards, brochures, leaflets and a website then you will need a professional foundation to build from to begin this branding.

Your business stationery and marketing items will be designed around your logo design so as to build a stronger identity for your business that is to become recognisable by your clients and customers. If you have a poor logo design then it is very difficult and sometimes close to impossible to create a professional business identity in the eyes of your intended market.

A logo design is a symbol, a visual representation of your business that should communicate something informative and meaningful. An experienced Logo Designer can even communicate through a logo design your business ethos or an individuals personality, which can help to win business from individuals and organisations that share the same beliefs. It is a good idea to consider your Logo Design budget within your business plan as a logo design should be seen as an investment for your business that will help to win new business through your Company’s enhanced identity. It is all too often the case though that smaller businesses cut this very important corner and begin their own branding with a poor logo design which only leads to the realisation that it will cost far more to upgrade their Company’s identity now that the logo branding has begun.

If you do have a lower budget then it would be best to reduce the amount invested in other areas of design work such as leaflets and brochures which will need changing from time to time anyway. The best advice when it comes to building a visual identity / brand for your business is to begin with a solid foundation so that the necessaries are there at a later time to build from.

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